Fractal Pop Air RGB Case Review | Thermals, Build Quality, & Cable Management

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Fractal’s new Pop Air & Pop Silent cases just launched, adding a unique splash of color to ATX, E-ATX (XL), and mini PC builds. We’re reviewing the Fractal Pop Air RGB in this one, but we also have the Silent on-hand for benchmarks. When Fractal sent these for review, we opted for one of the cyan + black colorways. This is the main selling point; of course, other than the 5.25” optical drive support in a 2022 gaming PC case.

Benchmarks include thermal comparisons vs. competitors like the Montech X3, Corsair 4000D Airflow, Lian Li Lancool 215, Phanteks P400A, and more.

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00:00 – Fractal Went Insane
02:06 – Silent vs. Air Comparisons
07:36 – Radiator Limitations
10:25 – Shortcomings & After Thoughts
14:52 – Lab LED Commentary
18:25 – A Few More Small Complaints
19:20 – CPU Thermal Benchmarks
20:42 – GPU Thermal Benchmarks in Fractal Pop Air
22:00 – 3DMark Gaming Thermals
22:16 – Blender CPU-Only & GPU-Only Thermals
22:49 – Standardized Fan Benchmarks in Fractal Pop
23:36 – Noise Levels in Pop Air
24:14 – Noise-Normalized Thermals
24:43 – Conclusion

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Host, Test Lead, Video Editing: Steve Burke
Writing, Testing, Host: Patrick Lathan
Camera, Video Editing: Andrew Coleman

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