Inside the Collapse of Artesian Builds: From $20,000,000 to Bankrupt

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This video took us months of work to compile, document, and research. We had to coordinate with landlords, brokers, former employees, lawyers, and more to dig deep into the shady, scummy operation of Artesian Builds and its former CEO Noah Katz, whom we’ve heard has thrown around the word ”lawsuit” when talking about us. We will never back down from sharing the full story with consumers, especially when so many have been hurt by one company’s actions.

This deep dive gains exclusive access to the East Coast warehouse formerly used by Artesian Builds, dives into finances, and uncovers behavior we believe to be potentially fraudulent.

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00:00 – Our Biggest Investigation
02:09 – Driven Into the Ground
04:52 – It Doesn’t Add Up
06:34 – Perceived Threat of Lawsuit
07:50 – What Really Went Wrong
09:10 – Obsession with Fame
10:45 – Probably Fraud, in our opinions
13:44 – Even More Probably Fraud (in our opinions)
15:32 – Screw the Customers
17:36 – Parents vs. Employees
19:30 – East vs. West Power Struggle
22:35 – Mutual Disrespect Internally
26:01 – GPUs as Currency
28:05 – Concluding Thoughts

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Host, Writing, Investigation, Editing: Steve Burke
Video Production, Filming, Video Editing: Andrew Coleman

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