Investigating Intel’s CPU Socket Problems | Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame Benchmark

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Intel’s CPU socket for the Alder Lake (12th Gen) CPUs applies higher pressure on one side, causing reduced pressure between the cooler coldplate and CPU. We’re replacing the stock Intel ILM (on the socket) with a Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame. Testing includes analysis of pressure on the 12900KS, 12900K, and other CPUs, core-to-core deltas, thermals, and more.

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00:00 – Intel’s Socket Problem
02:09 – How the Bending Happens
03:44 – Lots of Play in the Socket
05:28 – Bad Thermals Core-to-Core & Methods
06:40 – Pressure Scanning the IHS-to-Coldplate
07:17 – Extraordinary Results on Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame
07:42 – 12900KS Contact Frame Pressure
08:10 – The Best Results Yet
08:47 – Thermal Benchmarks of Intel Contact Frame vs. ILM
10:21 – Loose Socket Tests
11:35 – Alternatives to Intel’s Socket
14:35 – Why Intel Doesn’t Do This
15:20 – Damage Potential & Installation
19:50 – Conclusion: Fit & Finish Analysis
21:09 – Additional Concluding Thoughts

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Test Engineering, Writing, Editing: Steve Burke
Test Technician, Research: Mike Gaglione
Video, Editing, Animations: Andrew Coleman

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